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Slippers from class. Mine are the tan ones with brown rabbit fur.


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Some more of my work

Brenda'sBaby quiltplastic bag bagSPCA sale

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More of my crafting efforts.

More of my crafting efforts.

Thread catchers, pin cushions and coasters. Missing are the hanging kitchen towels

Below: Plastic bag holder

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End of the year update 2010

I have been neglecting my blog recently but I plead family needs and work load pressures.

I traveled to another community in Labrador to do some flu shots then to 4 more to deliver program education in-services etc, back to the office for. Pap Test Awareness Week planning and  activities, the off to St. John’s for Provincial meetings. I am pooped LOL.  I did manage to see my son at college on the way back home though.

My garde this year

 way back though!

I am posting my new work and things I have been

 learning. I attended a few classes on beading and learned to make earrings, bead on fanric and plan to make a pouch out of smoked deer hide. My needlwork case is the sampler for practising.

We had a bit of a sad year. M DH ‘s brother’s wife passed away earlier in the year and his sister followed later in the year.

I made a bouquet of flowers from our garden for the funeral.Sorry It is not upright.LOL

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Baby bunting bag

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